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Oregon’s Finest was the first state licensed cannabis dispensary in Oregon, setting the bar for state dispensary standards. Our mission is to promote health through the finest cannabis as a leading regenerative organization. From the moment a strain is selected to the moment you enjoy, you can always be certain it’s Oregon’s Finest.

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We guarantee that your experience will be a great one. With the most knowledgeable cannabis tenders in the business, they can assist you in finding the right medicine. We will make you feel right at home!

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Everything you need, all in one place. Oregon’s Finest has you covered from cannabis flower to edibles, and everything in between. As a customer of Oregon’s Finest, we can assure you that only  top quality products are on our shelves.

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Because the strain is only as good as the grower.

At Oregon’s Finest we pride ourselves on selecting only the highest quality strains from the best farms. This way, we can personally make certain that our customers are always satisfied with Oregon’s Finest products. Simply because you have a fancy strain name, doesn’t mean it was grown well

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Shop Oregon’s Finest Brand

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